Why is Australia in Afghanistan?


by Ken E Murray.

“100+ nuclear Pakistani BOMBS!”

Why is Australia in Pakistan fighting against the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists?

How did we get embroiled into this mess in the first place? We have now lost 10 of our very brave, courageous, dedicated soldiers in this conflict and are sadly likely to lose more.

”]Australian army convoy on the Tarin Kowt-Kandahar road in southern Afghanistan. [Australian Defence Force]

Why aren’t national leaders telling us the clear unmistakable truth of why we are in Pakistan?

Here is the simple, clear, unadulterated reason why!!

100+ nuclear Pakistani BOMBS!!

“The NRDC’s and the Carnegie Foundation‘s estimates of approximately 50 weapons are from 2002–03 estimations. In 2000, US Military intelligence estimated that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal may be as large as 100 warheads

If the Taliban once again gain control of Afghanistan and use it as a base to overtake Pakistan as well, they will gain possession of over 100 nuclear Pakistani Bombs and also the sophisticated rocketry to deliver them.

So, if people think that 9/11 was terrifying …think for a moment what new “World Order” phase the world would be in if the Taliban gained possession of Pakistan and its 100+ nuclear bombs???

“Impossible!  Improbable!  Unthinkable!  Unimaginable!  Surely not!!”  …I hear you say.

Well surprise, surprise! …Not.

Senior American general, Head of US Central Command, David Petraes told a US Senate hearing, today: “The extremists that have established sanctuaries in the rugged border areas not only contribute to the deterioration of security in eastern, southern, Afghanistan.

They also pose an ever more serious threat to Pakistan’s very existence.”

So …now we understand why we are in Afghanistan. It is to try to counteract the Taliban and Al Qaeda from gaining control of Pakistan and its arsenal of 100+ nuclear Bombs.

So …is there a better way to handle the situation in Afghanistan?

Does the Bible indicate some wisdom that could be applied to avoiding this impending disaster?

There is a spiritual cause for every physical effect.

The problem is that the Western powers including NATO, USA, Britain, and Australia are treating the effect in Pakistan and not dealing with the cause.

No one likes to be involved in a war …but if we are going to be in a war, then we should apply all the proper tools at our disposal to win the war.

We need to deal with both the cause and the effect.  To beat an enemy we need to look at their weaknesses. For example, neither the Taliban nor Al Qaeda can fight a war without heaps and heaps of money, right?

So, where do the Taliban get their money from?   The opium poppy crops, right? Yes.

If we are ever going to beat the Taliban, we have to take them out at the knees …we have to take away their money supply from the opium drug trade. Many years ago the Church of God involved itself in a very effective programme in Thailand to change the spirit of growing Opium to the spirit of growing fruit and vegetable crops instead.  It has been a change for the better, to this day.

How did we do that? Well we sent our agri-business and volunteer helpers to re-educate the opium farmers to rip out their opium poppies and to grow potatoes, carrots, vegetables and fruit trees.

We also introduced literacy and positive education programmes for the young.

Gradually the spirit changed to a new culture of a more stable economy and more balanced society.

To win the war in Afghanistan there has to be a change in the spirit if we are going to save the flesh.

There needs to be a change from the way of selfish hatred to the way of outgoing selfless love.

The way of give and not the way of get.

The way of peace and not of war.

Mind you …the good news is that Jesus Christ is returning to this world, to establish His Government on this Earth for 1,000 years!  Satan is going to be displaced as the current world mind controller and war mongerer.

When Christ returns the 1st Resurrection of the faithful dead and living takes place. (Revelation 24:4-6; and 1 Thessalonians 4:16)

We have an opportunity now to accept Christ’s calling invitation and to be in God’s family for eternity. (Daniel 7:18)

We will then help in bringing about a full change in the spirit that will not only save all flesh, but humans will have peace, harmony, and prosperity …with never any fear of war, disease or pestilence.

How wonderful that will be!

Meantime …keep pumpin’!

Ken E Murray

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