Why is Australia on self-destruct?


by Ken E Murray.

Here is a copy of a letter I have just sent to one of our outspoken politicians …who still has some backbone …in the hope that he might say something more to alert Australians, in an area of where this Government has us on a self-destruct course.

“Why doesn’t this Australian Government invest our taxpayers money into real capital assets …like, buying what the Chinese want.

For example, why don’t we Australian taxpayers buy a controlling number of shares in OZ Minerals and retain the 2nd biggest zinc mine in the world, Century mine? We could buy the whole shebang for around $1.5billion.

We would then be able to preserve Australian jobs and stop the Chinese Government from nationalising some of our richest turf as part of China.

You know Barnaby, once the Chinese are happily owning a critical mass of Australia’s best resources …they will invoke the 457 Visa, using our own laws …and import their own “skilled labour” coolie workforce at vastly reduced wages.

We could also take a share in Rio Tinto in the same way …rather than spraying borrowed Chinese Bond money all over the world and to criminals. druggies, drinkers and poker machine players.

Then when the Economy picks up again we could sell half our share holdings in these companies and get our money back …as well as retaining our other half of shares and collecting dividends for us Taxpayers.

Why isn’t any politician suggesting some sensible investments of our hard won taxpayers money??

Today, our Diggers, on Anzac Day, figuratively must be moaning and groaning in their graves …to see how our beloved Australia is stealthily being invaded and taken over, piece by valuable resource-rich piece …and how cheaply their sacrifice, paid with their own blood, is being sold for less than a bowl of soup!

Why isn’t someone saying these things in Parliament?”

You know, we need a biblical Joseph or Daniel in charge of Australia, now, more than in any time in our history.

Meantime …keep pumpin’!

Ken E Murray

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